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This project was completed over 14 months and was probably the most challenging that we have completed to date .Not so much in terms of construction but site conditions. The new works were to be built half way down the steep 40 degree hill behind an existing renovated 2 storey residence that would then become a new 5 level home.

Hand excavation was part of the DA conditions which were long and arduous, where we removed approx 200 t of rock and soil by hand.All the excavated material was chuted down to the waterfront as no vehicular access, to be removed by barge onto trucks.

All other materials were either carried down from the garage, or carried up from the river after being loaded onto a barge, either way approximately 100 stairs either side of build site .Sand and bricks had to be chuted down also which made for a very intensive labour project.  

Details and materials of a previous existing renovation were followed to create a seamless transition to allow the home to become one large residence taking full advantage of stunning views of the river below.


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